Ah, the world of online dating. It’s been a wild ride since I first dipped my toe in these waters many moons ago! Back then, there were only a handful of sites and apps to choose from – but boy have times changed! Nowadays it seems like every day brings with it another new way to find love (or something else!) on the internet.

From traditional matchmaking services that cater for everyone’s needs, right through to niche websites designed specifically for those looking for interracial or same-sex relationships – you name it and chances are someone has created an app or website dedicated just to that topic. And if they haven’t yet? Well don’t worry – give them time; because before long there’ll be one popping up somewhere!

It can all get pretty overwhelming at times though; so much choice out there now means having too much of a good thing isn’t always great news either… That said however, I’m still here plugging away trying each platform as they come along: testing their features and seeing how well they work in practice… Hey – somebody’s gotta do it right?! So far some real gems have popped up over the years including GaydarNation which is perfect for gay men who want more than just hookups while AsianDating caters nicely towards anyone interested in finding an Asian partner (if you know what I mean!).

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Our Top Picks: 15 of the Best Dating Sites & Apps

Criteria Used to Rate Popular Dating Spots

When it comes to reviewing dating sites and apps, we take our job seriously. We don’t just sign up for a few days, send out a couple of messages then call it quits; no way! Our team spends an average of two weeks testing each site or app – that’s 14 days of swiping left and right (or whatever the action is on the particular platform), sending hundreds upon hundreds of messages to other users.

We start by signing up with both free versions as well as paid subscriptions so we can get an accurate feel for what different levels offer in terms of features. Then we test all those features: from profile creation tools to messaging functions, search filters etc., noting down any pros & cons along the way. And if there are special extras like virtual gifts or icebreakers available? You betcha – they’re tested too!

Next step is reaching out to real people who use these platforms regularly – after all that’s why you come here looking for reviews in first place right? So yeah…we message them alright – not only do this give us insights into how active members actually are but also gives us some great feedback about their overall experience using said website/app which helps inform our final verdict even more accurately than before.

Lastly, safety & security protocols become very important when talking about online dating services ; so much information being shared between strangers means extra caution needs be taken regarding data protection measures put in place by companies running such websites /apps. This includes making sure user accounts cannot be hacked easily, verifying identity through various methods (e-mail address verification etc.) and implementing secure payment systems among others.

All this goes towards ensuring your satisfaction with whichever service you choose based on one our reviews ; something which sets apart from other review sites because unlike them, ours provide thorough assessments done according reliable sources instead leaving everything at face value without digging deeper into details!


1. Which dating sites are completely free?

There are plenty of dating sites that offer free services. OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and Tinder all have basic features you can use without paying a cent. You may find yourself limited in terms of messaging other users or seeing who’s viewed your profile but it’s still possible to meet someone special with no financial commitment!

2. What to say on dating sites?

Be honest and open about who you are. Show your personality by sharing stories or anecdotes that illustrate the kind of person you are. Ask questions to get to know someone better, but also be prepared for them to ask questions in return!

3. How to get a girl interested on a dating site?

Be yourself, be honest and open about who you are. Show her that you’re interested in getting to know her by asking meaningful questions. Be sure to keep the conversation lighthearted and fun!

4. How to find someone on dating apps?

Start by creating a profile on the app that best suits your interests. Put in some effort to make it stand out and include what you’re looking for in a partner. Reach out to potential matches with an interesting message or icebreaker, and take things from there! With patience and dedication, you’ll find someone special soon enough.